Financial Planning

In building your financial plan, we take a pen picture of your current situation, then discuss and plan for your unique financial and life goals and ambitions. These may include protecting you against an inability to work, creating sufficient wealth to enable you to become financially independent, preserving and growing your existing wealth in the most tax efficient manner and protecting your assets for future generations.

Working together we will build a strategy to help you achieve these goals, which we will review regularly with you.


We believe investment management should be well researched, transparent and effective.

At Raymond James Investment Services we believe investment management starts with getting to know our clients and understanding their unique objectives and ambitions. Once we understand this we build portfolios that are well researched, transparent and effective. We will provide you with a dedicated investment professional who will ensure your needs are met. Our service types include:

Discretionary Portfolio

Day to day investment decisions are made by us within your agreed risk and objective parameters, whilst keeping your portfolio costs to a minimum.

Advisory Portfolio

Before any portfolio changes are made, these will be discussed with you. This service is aimed at clients who have high market engagement and a good level of knowledge.


No advice is given, trades executed on your instruction to a high standard through our dedicated dealing desk.


What is the Raymond James Loan Account?

A loan product provided by Raymond James in conjunction with Pershing Securities Limited (PSL) that offers you the opportunity to borrow against your General Investment Account (GIA) and Individual Savings Account (ISA) held at PSL. You can borrow money against eligible securities at competitive interest rates whilst continuing to trade your holdings, up to an established credit limit, provided that the required 65% Loan to Value ratio (LTV), which is the amount of the outstanding loan versus the amount of eligible securities held in your account, is maintained. The minimum portfolio size is £100,000.

There are no administration fees or other facility costs in establishing a Raymond James Loan Account. You will only pay the interest on the amount borrowed, which will accrue daily and be added to the loan balance on a monthly basis.


You can continue to trade your investments against which you have obtained a Raymond James Loan Account, provided sufficient eligible securities are maintained in your account at all times as outlined in the Loan Account agreement.


A competitive interest rate, specifically the overnight Bank of England base rate + 5%, which currently equates to 5.5% (5.6% APR). Interest is added to the loan balance on a monthly basis. The Bank of England base rate may move up or down in the future which in turn will affect the rate on the loan account.


Giving money away sounds easy, but it can be hard to know where to start and even harder to know if your money is making a difference. Raymond James works closely with local charities in the Manchester area to help donors:

Better understand the most pressing local needs and the charities best placed to help

Simplify the giving process for you through a proven philanthropy model and with the help of experienced staff

See the real impact of your donations by providing tailored reports and visits to enable you to see first-hand the difference you made

Support local causes that matter to you and your community

Target smart and sustainable local philanthropy to meet local needs

Make connections to vital causes that fly under the radar of other donors